Zoot is proud to announce the re-signing of Kelly Handel Williamson of Austin Texas for another 2 years. Kelly will be racing in Zoot “Head To Toe” across the country competing in various triathlons with 70.3 distance being her main focus and Kona the ultimate goal.

Kelly was raised in Zionsville, Indiana where she began competitive sports and swimming on a team at an early age. She continued to swim through University of Illinois on a swim scholarship, studied Kinesiology and later discovered running and cycling. Kelly started her partnership with Zoot in 2006 by joining the ULTRA TEAM and has been with Zoot ever since. She now resides in Austin with her husband Derick and has been stepping up her game every year by huge leaps. Last year she placed 1st at Steelhead 70.3 and 1st at Branson 70.3, placed 3rd at Ironman Coeur d’Alene and in her first Kona attempt placed 15th.

Kelly’s shoe for 2011 will be the TT 4.0 and prefers the Kapilani for run races. “The Ultra TT’s are perfect for anything from a 5k distance to half marathon. They are quick to put on, supportive and comfortable yet also light and responsive. Just slipping them on, I feel like my feet are ready to run fast.” She will also be swimming in the new “Prophet” as well as training in the rest of Zoot gear.

Zoot Sports is a leading manufacturer of authentic race day triathlon apparel, footwear and wetsuits, pioneering innovative product solutions that cover the athlete from start to finish – head to toe.

Check out some of Kelly’s favorite Zoot gear!

Zoot Pulse Capri
“They are comfortable, versatile and stylish. I could live in them!”
Ultra Kapilani Shoes
“I have done both my Ironman’s in these shoes. They feel like slippers, but perform like a solid, lightweight racing shoe without feeling bulky.”

CompressRX Active Recovery Socks
“The heavier my training, the more these live on my feet. They’re thrown on immediately after a workout, always when traveling to races, when sitting for extended periods of time, and frequently just anytime my legs feel ‘heavy’.”

Learn more about Kelly on her blog.

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