Neutral Footwear

August 15th, 2011 - Posted by

With all of the running shoes in the market today how do you choose? The thing we find interesting in most of the new shoes today is that they are addressing only half of the running shoe equation, the bottom unit or midsole. It’s well known that the upper plays in 50% of the function of the shoe. What does that mean? Well a natural/minimalist running shoe with lots of strapping on the upper isn’t going to be very minimal or neutral. It’s going to be rather controlling. The other thing the upper does is fit around your foot. We think there’s a better way.

1. We build fit from the inside out. We start with BareFit, which is a liner inside the shoe that wraps around your foot. Because of BareFit many choose not to use socks. Socks are usually used to make up for poor fit. With BareFit, if you choose to wear socks, the thinner the sock the better.
2. Our neutral shoes are neutral. We put the least amount of overlays and support pieces on the upper we can.
3. Our midsoles are dynamic in feel and simple in construction. Simple in construction because we limit layers which limits glue, which limits weight. Dynamic because of our balanced design and our responsive foam. Oh and let’s not forget Carbon Span+ in all but one of our shoes. It supports the mid-foot and puts a bit of spring in the toe off.
4. Finally our suggestion is to simply buy the least amount of shoe you can get away with. Whatever that may be you’ll find a very light, responsive ride.

Neutral Triathlon
Ultra Speed – The goal for this shoe was build the fastest shoe in T2 with short distance racing flat performance. The speed in transition and great fit comes from the inside-out construction of BareFit close to your foot and our compressive TekSheen on the outside. With these two exceptionally good materials no laces are needed. Under your foot you get a low to the ground ride with a good wide base for exceptional balance. These shoes are so comfortable you may never take them off.

Ultra Race 3.0 – We liked the fit of the Ultra Speed so much that we used it for our long distance race shoe. To create a more secure fit for the long haul we added Quick Lace to the upper. To handle the pressure of the longer races we have a slightly more stabilized and more substantial bottom unit. The long race requires that you have the ability to adjust lace pressure as well as have a very close fit to minimize hot spots. The Ultra Race 3.0 delivers both.

Ultra TT 4.0 – The most universal triathlon shoe we build. It’s light enough for you to feel fast in your sprint distance race, it’s got enough under your foot to go long and for some it’s the perfect combination for everyday training. The upper starts with BareFit on the inside and an open mesh outside. We use our patented Quick Lace and an asymmetrical design to create the best fit possible. Under your foot you’ll find a combination of low to the ground feel with a super responsive feel thanks to CarbonSpan+ and our Zbound foam. If you are ready for the Zoot experience in footwear the Ultra TT is the first shoe you should try on.

Neutral Running

Energy 3.0 – Just getting into running or looking for a workhorse running shoe the Energy 3.0 is a great place to look. Great fit from BareFit, and asymmetrical lacing are combined with a durable midsole and outsole. When you see it on the shoe wall you may not recognize it as a Zoot shoe, but once on your foot you’ll find the benefits of our inside out fit. Definitely a favorite of many after 3 years of evolution.

Otec – This is a new shoe to the Zoot running line and as the year goes on it keeps getting more and more attention. We wanted to make a true training version of our very popular Ultra TT 4.0. We tried to mimic the fit and function of the TT as much as possible but give you a feel and confidence to go out on your weekly long run. A fairly simply shoe in design it has a very dynamic feel mile after mile.

Ultra Kalani 2.0 – Every shoe company wants one shoe that becomes a “Go to” shoe with runners. The only way to become a “Go to” type shoe is to build something so unique in the market that it builds popularity by word of mouth. Simply said the Ultra Kalani has everything. The unmatched fit from the racing flat the Ultra Speed. A lacing system that is secure but not overwhelming. A ride that is very smooth, plush and solid all at the same time. To top it off the shoe is so light you’ll want to wear it for every run you do including your race day. At 10.5oz in a men’s size 9 it’s the lightest shoe of it’s kind.

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