Jordan Rapp – Man on a Mission

First and foremost, a huge congratulations to Jordan Rapp! He’s a huge inspiration to so many and we are so proud of him!

Jordan Rapp, Ironman Canada Champion 2009 & 2011

So here’s the story. Jordan Rapp is the 2011 Ironman Canada Champion
He was 11th or so out of the water, then moved to the front on the bike around the half way point and never looked back. Jordan took the win by win by 13 minutes, making quite a loud comeback statement.
Ironman Canada is considered the testing grounds for future World Champions. Ironman World Champions Scott Tinley, Erin Baker, Paula Newby-Fraser (8 time World Champion), Lori Bowden, and Peter Reid (3 time World Champion) all won at least one Ironman Canada. Jordan just won #2. The real story is what happened between those two victories. 2009 and 2011.

In April of 2010 Jordan was out for a spin on his bike. Soon after he left his house, a car at an intersection struck him. Luckily for Jordan, an off duty Naval Soldier on his way to deployment was driving by. He saw a pool around Jordan that he thought was Anti Freeze. As he got closer he realized it was blood. The Navy man went to work finding the artery that had been severed and pinching it with his fingers. Jordan was minutes away from death at that point.

They didn’t know if they could fix the artery. They didn’t know if the other damage was too great for him to return to his former self. Jordan admits to being afraid to ride a bike. He somehow managed to get back to racing in November 2010 at Ironman Arizona where he finished with a solid 4th.
In December he contacted us and said he wanted to represent Zoot. He didn’t want us to sign him because of his accident he wanted us to sign him for his racing. Since that day we’ve treated him as the stellar athlete he is.

Rapp running strong out front

This is the first of what will be many big time victories for Jordan and Zoot. He’s that talented and that smart. Who knows maybe he’ll even join the names above who have won Canada and Hawaii. Believe me, he chose Canada for a reason. He’s a historian.

Get used to hearing this name. He’s the real deal!

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  1. 1 Florin Marcel H said at 2:41 pm on September 6th, 2011:

    great guy! inspirational story! excellent win!
    he deserved it!