Press Release – Zoot Sports Aligns with Boulder Coaching

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Zoot Sports Aligns with Boulder Coaching

VISTA, Calif. (Feb. 28, 2013) — Zoot Sports, a global leader in endurance sports performance wear and footwear, signs on to a two-year partnership as the official apparel and running shoe sponsor for Boulder Coaching. The Colorado-based company works to develop individualized training programs with each client and serves as a resource for runners and triathletes offering the extensive knowledge of its coaches to help athletes reach a higher level of performance.

“Zoot Sports is excited to work with such an inspiring team of accomplished coaches,” said Molly Kline, marketing director, Zoot Sports. “Both organizations strive to support and help athletes perform at their highest level, which makes this partnership so ideal.”

Boulder Coaching Owner Simon Lessing, a five-time Triathlon World Champion and his business partner, Darren De Reuck, an Olympic running coach, relay their vast experience to help others train smarter and faster.

“The magnitude of this partnership exceeds shoes and apparel and resonates with support,” said Simon Lessing, owner, Boulder Coaching. “Zoot Sports is just as passionate about athletes as our group of coaches, which makes our work with them immensely rewarding.”

The first annual Boulder Coaching/Zoot Camp will take place June 13-15, 2013 concluding with the Boulder Sprint Tri on June 16th. For more information on Boulder Coaching and its staff of coaches, visit:


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Zoot の2013年ニューモデルも続々店頭に並び始めていますよ (^^)/

こちら↓は岡山のCycle Shop Waveさん









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先日宮塚英也さんによる「Zoot プレゼンツ バイクセミナー」が代官山Athloniaさんで開かれました。

宮塚さんといえば日本人で唯一Ironaman Championship Konaで10位以内に入賞されたレジェンド!







Jordan Rapp選手 Triathlon of the Year受賞!

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ルミナ3月号でインタビュー記事も掲載されている、ZootアスリートJordan Rapp選手が、

Triathlon Business Internationalより贈られる”Triathlon of the Year”を受賞しました!!!


ルミナのインタビューにもあったように、幼いころ日本に住んでいたこともあるというJordan Rapp選手。


去年はIronman TexasやIronman NYで優勝し、今後の活躍にも期待大です!!

Jordan Rapp: Triathlete of the Year!

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Jordan Rapp, Ron Smith Triathlete of the Year

Congratulations to Jordan Rapp who was just named one of Ron Smith Triathletes of the Year by Triathlon Business International.  “The award, named after Ron Smith, one of triathlon’s earliest pioneers, recognizes a male and female triathlete who best demonstrate a combination of strong moral character, athletic performance and professionalism in the sport of triathlon. The award acknowledges triathletes who are not only strong competitors, but also are a role model to all; and who help promote the sport and pave the way for future triathletes.” – TBI

2012 was quite a year for Jordan both professionally and personally. Wins included: Ironman Texas, Ironman US Championships, and Leadman Epic 250 Bend.  Equally impressive, Jordan has raised $160,000 for World Bicycle Relief, providing 1,200 bicycles to people in sub-Saharan Africa.

Inside Triathlon recently posted this article: American Ironman champion Jordan Rapp by the numbers. (Nov/Dec 2012 issue of Inside Triathlon magazine)

“In 2010, just a few months after Jordan “Rappstar” Rapp’s second Ironman victory (2009 Ironman Arizona), Rapp was hit by a car while on a training ride in Oxnard, Calif. He was left for dead on the side of the road with several fractures and two jugular veins severed. He made one of the most impressive comebacks the sport has ever seen, getting back to the start line of Ironman Arizona that same year and finishing fourth. He has since seen growing success in long course: winning Ironman Canada and the ITU Long Distance World Championship in 2011, and Ironman Texas and Ironman U.S. Championship in New York City in 2012.”

32: Age

6’3”: Height

7: Pro seasons

243: Number of days between the crash and his first Ironman back

293 watts: Highest average power for 112 miles (at 2012 Ironman Texas)

20K time trial: Hardest bike workout

3:03 a.m.: The time he woke up for Ironman New York

FIVE: Number of Ironman wins

2:55:32 (or 6:42 min/mile): Fastest marathon before the crash (2009 Ironman Canada)

2:46:55 (or 6:22 min/mile): Fastest marathon after the crash (2012 Ironman Texas)

5,220 yards: Distance he swam in one hour to win the 30-34 age group at the USMS Long Distance National Championships (aka “The Postal Swim”)

Congratulations Jordan, Ron Smith Triathlete of the Year!

Ben Hoffman Re-Signs with Zoot Sports

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Ben Hoffman has re-signed with Zoot Sports! Ben will continue to race and train in Zoot “Head To Toe” across the country competing in every distance triathlon from sprint to Ironman for the next three years.

Zoot, have always thought of their athletes as lifelong partnerships, where they look to support them with everything they need to compete in Triathlon and the athletes support them with their in depth testing, feedback, research and just plain awesome relationships. Ben fits in perfect with the Zoot Team because he is so easy to work with and has such a great sense of humor, but at the same time he is very focused on his professional career.

“I am honored and humbled to be included on the roster of world-class athletes racing for the Zoot Tribe for the upcoming triathlon seasons. After two successful years wearing their quality products, I am happy to announce that I will be back swimming in their wetsuits and swim skins, biking in their apparel, and running in their shoes to victory! To be aligned with a company that has literally been there from the start, I can have full confidence that they will continue to manufacture superior products and push the envelope on new design and innovation, and listen closely to the input that all their athletes have. Triathlon is becoming more and more competitive all the time, and that is why I have chosen to give myself every possible advantage by training and racing in Zoot gear. With a common vision of excellence and enjoying the sport we all love, I’m looking forward to supporting Zoot’s goals while being supported in my own for many years to come. Full gas!” says Ben

Ben has continued to improve and become a better triathlete every year. Last year in 2012 he claimed two more Ironman Victories at St. George, Utah and Madison, Wisconsin. He is the true meaning of an endurance athlete.

More info on Wattie Ink:

More info on Ben Hoffman:

ついに日本上陸 (•̀௦•́)و

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「ULTRA RACE 4.0 (ウルトラレース4.0)」










Ben Hoffman – Triathlete Magazine

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Congratulations Ben Hoffman, February Triathlete Magazine cover!

Ben Hoffman, Triathlete Magazine