You Asked, They Answered!

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Last week we asked you to submit any racing and training questions that you wanted our pros to answer. Javier Gomez, Jordan Rapp, Ben Hoffman, Kelly Williamson and Heather Jackson all took some time to help you start your season strong by answering your burning questions.

Here are the questions we chose with the Zoot Pros personal tips:


Question – NUTRITION:

I was wondering what your morning nutrition would be before an Olympic
  race and how long before the race do you eat, and also how do you
 warm up before the race. 
- RM

Javier Gomez’s response:

If the race is not too early I would eat rice with aumelette (2 eggs) and one banana 3 hours before the race . In terms of warm-up,  depending on the swim facilities, I would swim 20-30 min in the pool or at the race venue itself, personally I prefer to swim at the pool.

Ideally after the swim I would ride 30 min and finally 15 min soft running, adding some 1-2 min of progressive  race pace. However if  this routine is not possible, I would swim at the race course and I would eat some toast/sandwich trying to fill up with as much carbohydrate as  possible. hope it helps.



What’s your favorite track or tempo workout that you do leading up to races?
 – Jenny

Ben Hoffman’s response:

Here’s a quality session to get that last bit of speed work in, without tapping too deep into your reserves. Of course it depends a lot on what you have done leading in, and what distance you are racing, but I would do this kind of session on a Wednesday before a 70.3 race:

w/u 2-3 miles jog (20min.)
4x100m stride
4x800m @ 5k pace w/90sec. jog recovery
10 min. jog c/d

I like feeling the speed and knowing my mile pace is dialed in without doing the whole mile. You should feel fairly relaxed holding 5k pace for 800m.



When bike training how often do you ride on a Tri vs road bike? Why? 
- Jaclyn E.

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Kim Kilgroe graces the cover of Triathlete Magazine

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Zoot athlete, Kim Kilgroe graces the cover of Triathlete Magazine wearing Zoot head-to-toe!

Kim is wearing the Zoot Performance Tri Racerback with Performance Tri 6″ Shorts and Ultra Kalani 3.0’s! Learn more about Kim here.


Zootは石垣島からスタート (•̀௦•́)و!

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Javier Gomez and Heather Jackson Escape from Alcatraz Victorious!

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Congratulations to Javier Gomez and Heather Jackson on the impressive wins on Sunday at the historical Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon! Known for attracting World Champions, Olympic Medalists, and top amateurs from all over the world, Escape from Alcatraz kicked off unofficial start of the 2013 triathlon season.

This incredibly tough race has been going on since 1981 and top pro triathletes including Scott Tinley, Paula Newby Frasier, Greg Welch, Michellie Jones, Chris McCormack, Simon Lessing, Andy Potts and more have all notched a win at the historical race. On Sunday, history was made special for Zoot when Javier Gomez and Heather Jackson took the male and female overall wins.

Javier Gomez was second out of the water and went to the lead of the bike and then crushed the run to capture the overall victory going down in true history. Javier raced in the Prophet Wetzoot and ran in a prototype “Road to 2016” race flat.

Heather Jackson of Bend, OR surpassed top US Olympian Sara Groff by crushing the bike and running past her to take the lead near the end of the race, claiming the overall female win. Heather raced in the Prophet Wetzoot, her new Zoot Custom kit and the Ultra Kiawe racing flat.

Also with solid performances for Zoot were Francesco Godoy of Spain and Charisa Wernick of Carlsbad, CA who both placed 6th and were on the podium.