Javier Gomez Wins 3rd World Title

On Sunday Javier Gomez became a 3-time ITU WTS World Champion by winning the Grand Final in London. Gomez won the gold in London wearing the Prophet WetZoot in the swim and the Ultra Kiawe 2.0 racing flat on the run. The Kiawe was specifically designed with Javier’s input, it is the same running shoes that Javier wore when he won silver at the Olympic Games.

After battling back and forth on the run with Great Britain’s Jonathan Brownlee, the World Triathlon Series Grand Final came down to an intense finishing chute battle between the two. For the second year, Javier claimed the victory in dramatic fashion. His incredible kick earned him is third Elite Men’s ITU World Championship title.

“It feels amazing to be world champion, I can’t really believe it,” said Gomez after his victory. “It probably wasn’t my day for running, I felt quite tired, so I was just working hard on the sprint, on the last kick. It’s amazing to be champion, I’m so happy.”

You can view the final 1100 meters of the race by clicking here.

Javier winning his 3rd World Title.   Photo: Triathlon.org

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