Zoot 2014 Teams

January 31st, 2014 - Posted by

At Zoot we believe that you should train as you race and race as you train. Our commitment to this idea has led us to making some of the best (and most comfortable) tri and running gear that the world has seen.
Of course, we would be nowhere without our committed team of testers, or as they are known to the world, the Zoot Teams. They are constantly pushing our gear to the limits, be it a hard training session or sprinting for the finish at Kona.
With that in mind, we are proud to announce our 2014 teams. We are especially excited to note that all of our members of our 2013 Marque and Elite Pro Teams are returning this year! Without further ado here are the Zoot 2014 Teams:

Marquee Pro:
Ben Hoffman
Kelly Williamson

Elite Pro:
Jozsef Major
Ian Mikelson
Sergio Marques (Portugal)
Anja Beranek (Germany)
Charisa Wernick
Uli Bromme
Bree Wee
Mandy Mclane
Heather Leiggi
Lesley Smith
Janelle Morrison (Canada)
Balazs Csoke
Sara Gross (Canada)
Rachel Jastrebsky
Beth Walsh
Sierra Snyder
Gregory Farrell (Australia)

Team Zoot (formerly called Zoot Ultra Team)
SoCal: Team Captain – Diana Noble
NorCal: Team Captain – Jim Atkinson
North West: Team Captain – Sam Piccici
Arizona: Team Captain – Bryan Dunn
Texas: Team Captain – Christian Wendenburg
Mountain: Team Captain – Shane Neimeyer
Central Plains: Team Captains – Chuck and Jen Sloan
Great Lakes: Team Captains – Rick Lapinski, Matt Ancona
Mid-Atlantic: Team Captain – Brian Jastrebsky
North East: Team Captains – Shane Arters, Hana Sykorova
South East: Team Captain – Kerry Mowlam

Wishing everyone a great racing season!

Custom Team Apparel by Zoot

January 23rd, 2014 - Posted by

New year.

New goals.

New start.

Born in Kona, raised in California, Zoot has become a success through the fierce loyalty of our athletes. For the last thirty years you have trusted Zoot on race day to allow you to give your peak performance. Now it is time to take it to the next level with Zoot Custom team kits.

Designed by you, in collaboration with the Zoot Design Team, a custom kit tells the world that you are the team to beat, training or race day. And with the fit and finish that you have come to trust, there are no compromises with Zoot Custom.

We are deep into building our pre-season base, and racing is just around the corner. Order your team kit now so that you can do it all in style.

To learn more about Zoot Custom apparel, visit: zootsports.com/custom